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The table below lists all train services departing London Euston (d EUS) and arriving in Birmingham New Street (a BHM) for the specified time period. Also shown is the percentage of the time that each service arrived in Birmingham New Street no more than 5 minutes late, as well as the average arrival time of each service in Birmingham New Street. To see actual times click here.

TOC     Scheduled Times     % Arrivals     Actual Arrival
d EUS a BHM Dur RT-5m late     Average
LM *21:53 00:07 2h 14m 71% 00:20 13½L
LM *21:31 00:08 2h 37m 75% 00:10 2L
LM 05:34 08:09 2h 35m 67% 08:16 7½L
LM 06:12 08:42 2h 30m 80% 08:49 7L
LM 07:49 10:06 2h 17m 94% 10:11 5L
LM 08:49 11:06 2h 17m 88% 11:12 6L
LM 09:49 12:06 2h 17m 88% 12:13 7½L
LM 10:49 13:06 2h 17m 76% 13:18 12L
LM 11:49 14:06 2h 17m 76% 14:13 7½L
LM 12:49 15:06 2h 17m 65% 15:22 16L
LM 13:49 16:06 2h 17m 82% 16:09 3L
LM 14:49 17:06 2h 17m 65% 17:22 16½L
LM 15:49 18:06 2h 17m 65% 18:15 9L
LM 16:52 19:06 2h 14m 88% 19:11 5½L
LM 17:52 20:05 2h 13m 71% 20:09 4½L
LM 18:52 21:06 2h 14m 82% 21:12 6L
LM 19:53 22:04 2h 11m 71% 22:08 4L
LM 20:52 23:09 2h 17m 82% 23:11 2½L
LM 21:14 23:32 2h 18m 59% 23:39 7½L
LM 21:14 23:33 2h 19m 0% 23:47 14L

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Data Completeness

Data for this time period is approximately 99% complete.

Data is missing for approximately 7 hours out of the 480 hours in the time period being searched.

Data is missing due to the following outages in the time period of this search:


306 services have been found, of which 0 services have been discarded due to incomplete data.

Grouping has resulted in 20 schedules, of which 0 schedules (= 0 services) have been hidden as specified in the search criteria.

All 20 schedules (= 306 services) are displayed above.

Data reflects train services up to:  23:40 on Sat 13 Aug 2022.


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